Windham Schools
Renovation Project

Wondering about the school renovations? You're in the right place! The info committee, created by the Building and Grounds Committee, in association with the School District Administration, has put together this site to help the community understand the needs and impact of the school renovations. All information contained within the website has been fully vetted and approved by the School Board sanctioned Building & Grounds Committee and the School District Administration.

Why are GBS/MS campus renovations needed?

General information about the proposal

Many different alternatives were carefully examined, including a new middle school, before the current building/renovation plan was selected. The board-sanctioned Building and Grounds Committee, the Windham School Board and the District Administration agree that this current proposal is the best solution. It is the most cost effective and solves both the overcrowding and facilities problems that exist across ALL of our schools.

It will take approximately 2 years to complete all the work. At the completion of the project, all the schools will be educating the proper grades with sufficient space and appropriately designed learning environments for all students in the Windham School District.

A guaranteed maximum price (GMP) will be established prior to the project being placed on the ballot. The bond amount will include site work, construction, construction management services, land acquisition, contingencies and other expenses required to complete the renovations. As construction proceeds, the Building and Grounds Committee and the Administration will work hard to find ways to reduce costs without compromising the educational programs of our students. Final costs per household will be forth coming when a final GMP is confirmed and Administration has determined how much returning Adequacy Aid and the 2017 decrease in the High School bond payment affects the tax rate.

After the 2-year construction, the district-wide restructuring of grades will look like this:
GBS: Pre-K - 4th grade
CS: 5th + 6th grade
MS: 7th + 8th grade
HS: 9th - 12th grade